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  • Plangi (tied and dyed) or Shibori (japan)

     Plangi consists of a method of tying knots into a piece of cloth or rolling the cloth up so as to ensure that sections are unable to absorb the dye.
    The cloth is folded and rolled as regularly as possible before being tied and bound firmly in the areas where the ink is not to penetrate. Within such bundles, there may be placed objects such as round pebbles, marbles, shells…
    It is then dyed, wringed out before again being folded and tied and given another coat of dye. The piece is then wrung out with all the ties being undone before being rinsed in water before being left to dry.
    In this technique, we fold and roll the cloth with the assistance of external materials. These may be selected from raffia, rope, thick thread with each resulting in different results. The elastics are the fastest and most effective means of applying great pressure to the cloth. The greater the pressure, the whiter it gets. Where we do not want a uniform colour for the cloth, only part of it might be submerged with the other section then dyed in another colour.