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    Broad a.nd inclusive term which covers all warp pile fabrics except plush and terry.  Plush is a variety of velvet
    with a pile longer than yi inch.  Velveteen is a general term that should cover all weft pile fabrics though it is usually
    defined as meaning a cotton velvet.   All-silk velvets have a silk back.   Most velvets have cotton back and silk pile.
    May have silk warp and cotton filling with silk pile called "silk warp" velvet.  The ground weave may be plain, satin
    or twill, formed by warp and filling.   The pile loops are carried over wires and cut with a knife blade fastened at
    the end of the wire or by shearing. Many velvets are woven double, face to face, and cut apart while still on the loom
    by a small knife which moves back and forth like a shuttle, Velveteens and corduroys are weft or filling pile fabrics,
    having the pile loops or floats cut by a knife after weaving.
    1.         Brocaded velvet. See Brocade.
    2.         Chiffon velvet. Light weight, pile laid flat by pressing. Width, 40", 50".
    3.         Costume velvet. Wide velveteen (cotton velvet of good quality). Better grades have highly mercerized pile; beautiful texture, durable. Width, 27", 36", 40", 44". Uses: dresses and suits.
    4.         Millinery or hat velvet. Usually called Lyons velvet. Generally has an erect pile (silk) somewhat deeper than costume velvet. In poorer grades pile is not thick. Width, 17 H", 18", 19", 24".
    5.         Mirror velvet. Highly finished velvet produced by calendering.  Pile is pressed flat or in different directions.
    6.         Panne velvet. Heavier, closer pile than chiffon velvet. High grade fabric having pile laid flat and pressed to give lustre. Weave—-pile. Width, 18", 36".
    7.         Paon velvet. Heavier than panne with more pile which is also laid flat.  Used for millinery purposes.  Width, 18".
    Velveteen. Fabric with short cotton pile made in imitation of silk velvet. Uses: dresses, coats, hats, linings for drawers and cases, theatrical curtains.