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    Loosely woven,  rough  appearing
    fabric of plain weave.  Ratine effect produced by specially
    prepared yarns.  One yarn is twisted loosely about another
    so that it looks nubby or knotty.   Warp may be of plain
    yarn  with filling of  rough yarns  or  the  nubby  yarns  
    may   be   used   both   ways   giving   the   cloth   a   loose,
    spongy character. .
    1.Cotton ratine appears in many novelty effects in color and combinations with rayon. Yarn- or piece-dyed. No finish. When loosely woven, tends to sag. Uses: dresses, suits. Weave—plain. Width, 36", 40", 54".
    2.         Silk ratine appears from time to time under novelty names similar to wool or cotton rating. See Eponge.
    3.         Wool dress fabric for women's wear, more or loss loose and spongy. Tends to sag and the knots often pull. Uses: dresses and coats.  Weave—plain.  Width, 54".